Sunday, February 17, 2013

Belated Vantenines Dinner

Knowing that I've been blogging about whiskey lately, my wife requested salmon with a bourbon glaze for our belated Valentine's dinner. The recipe I recommend is this one, though I like to use a shallot instead of garlic. I used Eagle Rare and it turned out wonderfully; usually I use whatever bottle I'm trying to kill. Along with the salmon were what we call "floor potatoes" as they are so good that when I once dropped them on the floor we decided they were too good not to eat anyway. They are a Heston Blumenthal recipe, and if you actually go through all of this, you will also be willing to eat them off the floor. Luckily, this was not necessary last night.

After dinner, another request by Mrs. Whiskey Obsessive, was bourbon pudding. First had at 1833, my reverse-engineered version was based on this recipe, with the exception that I substituted 1/2 cup of the milk with extra bourbon (Buffalo Trace), and another 1/2 cup of milk with cream to make up the difference in fat.

And, since it was a special occasion, I decided to get a preview on my upcoming wheater series with PVW 15, which I hear is pretty popular:)


  1. Good Stuff Ryan. Looking forward to your wheater series. I think it would be a cool idea to do a crazy comparission of Weller Antique, Weller Special Reserve, Old Rip 10 year 100 and 107, Pappy 12 Lot B, Weller 12 year, Pappy 15, and Pappy 20. Bascially, how they evolve in the barrel in the 13 year time span and the flavor profile differences between the 90 and 107 proofs.

    I am sure you have each of those bottles laying around on your nightstand...

    I am 1 pour away from finishing a bottle of the 2011 Pappy 20, it will be a sad day soon.


  2. Thanks for the feedback.
    My plans for the wheaters are close to what you describe. I actually do have everything you mentioned (though not on the nightstand; Pappy looking at me creeps me out when I'm trying to sleep), except the old ORVW 10/90 as it's not produced anymore, but I'm not sure how many I can bring myself to open in a short period. We'll see...